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Legend of Dungeon trailer shows off sidescrolling roguelike-ing


Legend of Dungeon is looking to be one of the prettiest roguelikes on the PC. The below trailer shows how the traditionally top down genre has been transplanted to a sidescrolling beat’em’up format and how that that changes the way is plays.

From Calvin Nemo’s Youtube channel and spotted over at Reddit:

Legend of Dungeon’s set to be a four player local co-op roguelike, in which you race to get down 26 levels grab the loot and get back out again without losing your life. And it’s looking damn pretty while it does it, too.

I’m getting a massive Swords and Sworcery vibe off the art style for Legend. Partly this is due to the side on perspective and pixel art but something else the two games share is the sense of age in the environments. Check out the moss filling the gaps in the slabs of stone and chips and cracks that mark the masonry. It makes the dungeons appear like something that’s stood for years.

Reading through developerRobotdevblog, you can see that aged look runs through the look of the enemies:

There’s no announced release date currently, just “Coming soon”.