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Listen to Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch mourn his crew in space-based RPG The Mandate

The Mandate

XCOM is famed for its memorial wall – host to the names of those brave souls now splattered in bits across a nondescript American bar, or hung from a chryssalid’s blade-like wrist like a ring of beads.

A Mandate starship’s deck has a similar wall, inscribed with the names of those who came before. And Harry Potter alumnus David Bradley boasts just the right sort of wearied wheeze to express its significance.

“The new recruits do not see the ghosts,” he drones. “It is only survivors who know this ship is haunted.”

Bradley has had an illustrious career on the stage, but wilful cultura-phobes like you and I will be more interested to learn that he’ll be playing the first Doctor tonight in the BBC’s An Adventure in Space and Time – a drama-documentary about early Who.

In The Mandate, he’ll play Lord High Admiral Suvarov, commander of the Grand Fleet.

“I’m delighted to be working with the team at Perihelion Interactive to breathe life into the character of Suvarov,” said Bradley. “The Mandate is my first foray into the world of videogames, and I’m fascinated to see how my vocal performance is realised within the game.”

Of course, our Filch had a notable turn in Game of Thrones, too – but I’ll thank you lot for not spoiling his role for the lucky few unencumbered by George Ah-Rah’s machinations.

The Mandate is a co-op RPG that marries Baldur’s Gate to Elite, currently making a tentatively successful go of it on Kickstarter. It really does look dead good. You tempted?