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Littlewargame is a multiplayer RTS that runs entirely in your browser

Littlewargame JB

Truth be told I should have posted this story about an hour ago but I got sucked into a round of Littlewargame and I couldn’t break away to write. That’s one point to Littlewargame and another demerit on my writer’s scorecard.

The brilliance of Littlewargame is its an RTS of old, much like Warcraft and Dune 2 but it runs entirely in your browser without any sort of download.

Littlewargame is a pretty simplistic RTS. Set in a fantasy land with wizards and whatnot, you start each match with a castle and a gaggle of villagers. You’ll want to set them to work in the gold mine located nearby. Gold is the only resource available in Littlewargame so you can focu all your attention on that.

Soon you’ll be building houses and barracks and training your first batch of soldiers and riflemen, while researching new upgrades and maybe building a mages guild, too.

When I first booted the game I was expecting the control scheme to be simpler to work in a browser, no right-clicking and that sort of thing. But, no, you can drag out boxes to select units, right-click without bringing up an options menu, scroll with either cursor keys and the mouse. You can even switch to a fullscreen mode. It’s quite impressive.

On top of that it’s not just a single player RTS, you can load up multiplayer too. Littlewargame is trending on Reddit at the moment so there’s lots of games to hop into. You should definitely try it out.

There’s even a map editor and a replay system.