Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut trailer shows the horrors that are sloping towards PC

lone survivor director's cut

“Lone Survivor has been lucky enough to have found a following, all of whom have their own interpretation of the game,” writes Lone Survivor’s creator, Jasper Byrne. “And for those fans especially, i have made The Director’s Cut. it contains some elements which didn’t quite make it to the original game because they seemed too elaborate and i needed to get the game out, it contains a lot of new ideas which i’ve had since releasing the last update a year and a half ago (and having since had time to think more about my own interpretation), and it has a sort of meta-narrative which ties it all together which emerged as i began to work on it.”

That doesn’t convey the eeriness found in the new trailer.

Lone Survivor was always an unsettling game. Now it’s been expanded to really get under your skin.

It’s not all about new content. “The game has been polished, fixed, tweaked and honed in hundreds of different ways. i spent weeks improving the look of the lighting, and even found and fixed bugs that the 800,000+ people who own the game had hadn’t yet reported!”

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut will be headed to Playstation first but will be out on PC “as soon as i can physically do it,” says Byrne.

Here’s a changelog of new features:

  • whole new lighting engine, also supports 1 extra hardware light

  • many locations have additional lights and / or tweaked lighting

  • anamorphic lens flare for the flashlight

  • new sleeping and game over music

  • new title screen and game over screen

  • 2 additional locations

  • hundreds of small bug fixes, balance tweaks and improvements

  • automatic monster-facing on gun-draw

  • a few small easter eggs

  • new short sidequest

  • ending ‘collection’

  • ‘The Ritual’

  • specific to New Game+:

  • around 6 new locations

  • 2 completely new endings

  • 3 new songs

  • over 20 new items

  • 2 new sidequests

  • new enemy

  • new dialogue for all characters in the game

  • many other easter eggs that are better left unspoilt

Cheers, RPS.