The Long Dark footage shows wolves and fire don’t mix. In a good way

The Long Dark Hinterland

Since its Kickstarter launched, The Long Dark’s sounded like a fascinating game but it was difficult to visualise exactly how it would play. Finally, the developers have released some footage of their current build to introduce pledgers to survival in a freezing environment.

There are wolves, fires, and frozen wastes.

Hinterland, the team of ex-Relic, Volition, Riot, and Bioware developers, are looking to raise $200,000 to build their stylized survival simulator. They’re currently $120,000 of the way there with eight days left on the calendar.

It’s a shame they didn’t release this footage earlier. Not seeing how the game would run in practice is the reason I’d been holding off pledging.

It’s clearly an early build of The Long Dark but you can already see how the different systems in place will overlap and that your actions can affect multiple systems. The fire, for instance, warms you and the barn, creating a place to rest for the night, and it also drives away any wolves that have been following you.

If that design runs deeper and throughout the game then we could be in for a treat.

For more information you should read through The Long Dark’s Kickstarter page.