Maia coming to Steam Early Access on 3 December


We have a love/hate relationship with space colony management simulator Maia. We love it because it looks to be an excellent systemic simulator that’s been injected with a healthy dose of Douglas Adams but we hate it because developer Simon Roth stole our most lovely of writers Paul Dean.

While we struggle with our emotions you may like to know that Maia will be appearing on Steam Early Access on 3 December.

“I’m setting the date for an early access Steam launch as December 3rd,” wrote Roth in a Kickstarter update. “It’s still quite far away, but we don’t want to rush into it. With the direct pre-orders having scored us £12000 or so, we have a little more leeway and have no immediate need for a big cash injection.”

“There’s a lot of work to go in before we release the alpha to the masses. Although getting everyone of you Steam keys is very important to me, having anywhere from ten to a hundred thousand new testers overnight would be a bit much to handle.”

As Roth notes, all Kickstarter backers will be receiving a Steam key once it appears on the client. This allows Roth and his team to push out updates to players more easily and it will have everyone running the most up to date version of the game.