Mercenary Kings won’t be out this year while the team make multiplayer smooth

Mercenary Kings Tribute Games

“As you’ve guessed it, Mercenary Kings will not be available for the 2013 calendar year,” wrote Tribute Games. “We’re extremely grateful and excited about people asking for the game on PS4 or the completed version on Steam. It was our hope to have it completed and in your hands for the holidays but the game is not in the shape it needs to be for it’s official, full release.”

That’s ok for us PC folk, though, we can get Mercenary Kings through Steam Early Access.

So the game is “content-completed. Every level and bosses are done and we’re in the process of polishing it (sound FX, localization)” but the main task is to “make it run smoother! We’re committed to make sure we’re offering a SOLID multiplayer experience, both online and couch co-op.”

Plus, “given the scope of the game and the level of quality we’re aiming for, fixing glitches and bugs, and fine tuning details takes more time than what we’re used to.”

I’ve not had a chance to place Mercenary Kings yet but as soon as my wallet is full of more than dust it’ll be in my shopping basket. I mean, just look at this thing:

Cheers, Polygon.