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A million copies of Starbound sold proves people have exquisite taste

A million copies of Starbound sold

Starbound is good. Very good. You may recall me telling you this last month when I advised you to buy into the Early Access beta. Even though it's still in beta, a beta that began in 2013, it's almost certainly one of my favourite games of 2014. I suspect that it will continue to be so, even when this year has expanded and many more games have entered my life.

It turns out that being very good has had a positive impact on sales, which is not always the case because we live in a mad world. Chucklefish revealed that a million copies of Starbound have been sold, which is a very big number. I, for instance, couldn't carry a million copies of Starbound if it came in a physical format, and I'm very strong.

During the loopy Steam Holiday Sale, a chum of mine pointed out that Starbound remained near the top of the Steam best sellers list, even though it wasn't on one of the daily deals or flash sales, and it's been there pretty much since the Early Access launched, and continues to sit comfortably just beneath Rust and DayZ, also Early Access titles. 

All this talk of Starbound is making me itch to play it some more. I tried to build a wooden rocket recently, but then decided to make it a proper rocket, and finally ended up planning a gigantic sci-fi compound on the side of (and inside of) a mountain. All because my friend - who I was exploring a new world with - had to take a quick break to feed his baby and I wanted to create something vaguely phallic-shaped to make him chuckle at upon his return. 

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Shriven avatarFraser Brown avatarDeadite avatar
Shriven Avatar
4 Years ago

Is their a tutorial to speak of yet or is it only for Vets of the genre? (if so, ill wait for the release, but I have to say i'm damn curious)

Fraser Brown Avatar
4 Years ago

There's some very basic guidance at the start, but not a proper tutorial. The game's really all about striking out on your own and exploring and experimenting though. It's definitely not just for people who have played games like Terraria or Minecraft before though.

Deadite Avatar
4 Years ago

Great game with great potential and it's worth the price for the soundtrack alone which has a ton of tracks. I've stopped playing it for now though since they were often wiping saves on updates during the beta. Looking forward to carrying on when the wipes have stopped.