Mod of the Year 2013 nominations begin

Mod of the Year

ModDB have begun the first phase of their Mod of the Year contest. Every mod on the site can now be nominated to appear in 2013’s top 100 mods, from which a further round of voting will determine the overall winner, which will be announced on Christmas day.

Previous winners have included Black Mesa and Natural Selection, mods that have gone on to become fully-fledged commercial releases. The Mod of the Year is a great way of finding a set of extras to plug into your favourite games

The Mod of the Year contest is broken down into three phases. The first sees a nomination button added to every mod on ModDB. Simply clicking the button will add that mod to the hat of player favourites. The top 100 nominees are then all added to list. Phase two has fans go through and vote for their favourite from these 100 mods. Finally, the third phase, is the announcement of the Players’ Choice Unreleased mod on the 23 December, the Editors’ Choice on 24 December, and finally the overall Players’ Choice Mod of the Year on 25 December.

Oddly, this year’s Mod of the Year award is sponsored by EA’s Origin. As a publisher known to remove modding support from their games, it’s strange to see EA endorsing a celebration of mods. Still, maybe it’s a sign that they’ll be pushing DICE and Bioware to introduce mod support to Battlefield and Dragon Age… Nah, that’s never going to happen.

You can read more of how to take make your selection on the announcement page.