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Molyneux thinks he’s “only going to make one more game”


In an interview with BeefJack earlier today, the 53-year-old developers said “I’m only going to make one more game, I think”.

With the release of Curiosity for Android and iOS devices earlier this week, Molyneux has been in and out of interviews discussing the current state of the cube-tapping game and something ofwhat the next experiment from 22Cans will hold for players.

But despite ongoing experiments at the studio he told BeefJack that“I’m only going to make one more game, I think […]And that thought – the thought of every ounce of my energy, every ounce of my experience, every mistake that I’ve made in every single game – if I can learn from that, and use that energy to makeone game… that’s what I’m trying to do.

“We’re going to make a game, we’re going to learn what it is to make a game in today’s world, and it’s going to be the defining game of my career.”

He also said that another announcement was due this Friday. It is likely related to the second experiment from 22Cans, Co-Operation. We know little of the experiment as largely the news from the small studio has been related to Curiosity. According to BeefJack, Molyneux hasdescribed itas “like a tug of war”.

To be clear, Molyneux is counting these current releases as experiments to build to his final game, so it could be a ways away until development begins. Molyneux even says “Could I sit down and describe [the final game]to you in full at the moment? No, I can’t, But that is my thought.”