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Monaco had a competitive cops and robbers mode; it might yet see DLC release


Before its release last month it seemed to me that Monaco had been in development longer than the Simpsons children, and that’s not entirely fair. But the indie caper-enabler barged into everybody’s studies and made away with their hearts when it won the grand prize at the IGF in 2010, and every day of polish since has seemed like needless cruelty on the part of developer Andy Schatz.

So it’s difficult to believe that anything could have been left out of Schatz’ vision of stylish top-down theft. And yet there they are, on the cutting room floor: two competitive multiplayer modes.

The two modes – Cops and Robbers, Thief vs. Thief – were cut because the game’s existing levels weren’t balanced to cope with them.

“We were going to have to build entirely new content tailored to them in order to make them feel at the same level of quality,” said Schatz in a Reddit AMA. “There are some [interesting] challenges with both that we never fully figured out.”

Cops and Robbers saw playable policemen added to the mix, and Thief vs. Thief would have thrown players into conflict in a race for collectable coins. While the latter didn’t do enough to encourage interaction between players, Schatz still thinks there’s potential to be found in making his thief soup thick with constables and giving it a good stir.

“The problem was more that in adding a cop to any level, in the early levels it was too easy for the thieves to win and in the later levels, it was almost impossible for the players to win,” he said. “When it worked, though, it was incredibly fun! I’m still hoping to add this mode at some point.”

Thanks, Polygon.