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Mother Russia Bleeds is a brutal brawler set in an alternate 80s Moscow

Mother Russia Bleeds

Do you like smashing bottles of vodka over bouncers? Hitting young dancers with a baseball bat? Injecting yourself with powerful, mood-altering drugs? Mother Russia Bleeds is the game for you. You might still enjoy it if you answered no to the questions above and, frankly, I hope you said no to all the questions above. I mean, it’s your life but the first two aren’t very nice and the third is quite illegal.

Set in an alternate 1980s Moscow, Mother Russia Bleeds is a brawler that harks back to the Double Dragon and Streets of Rage.

“[Our team] shares a common love and nostalgia for old school Brawlers,” write the developers. “Looking back on the Golden Age of this genre, we all remember how mind-blowingly bad-ass it felt to beat the living crap out of enemies in the believable (yet slightly exaggerated) game worlds. We could almost smell the sweat and blood coming off of our enemies as we pummeled them with our fists, weapons, and random picked up items.

“Lately, we haven’t quite been able to scratch the same itch. We feel that everything tends to feel somewhat sugar-coated or diluted.”

As you can tell from the trailer, Mother Russia Bleeds can’t be accused of being “sugar-coated”.

The team are working to create a dilapidated city “set in the death throes of a collapsing Soviet Union”. A game with “A real sense of impact to the action. Each hit should have real weight to it.” And drugs, lots of drugs.