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MotorGun is a game with duelling cars in it from the makers of Interstate ‘76 and Twisted Metal


It’s a story that’s fast becoming a classic/cliche in the PC sphere: the industry developer veteran pulls together team of heavyweights to turn their idea into a game, which they decide to fund via their adoring fans. Yes, it’s Kickstarter time again, and this time MotorGun is the game; a post-apocalyptic car combat title being developed by designers with the likes of ‘Twisted Metal’ and ‘Interstate’ on their CVs.

The team goes by the name of Pixelbionic, and has been founded by Michael Maxx Kaurman, who previously directed Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Kingpin, and Redneck Rampage. Joining him is Mike Arkin (Battlezone and Tokyo Xtreme Racer), David Jaffe (Twisted Metal), Zack Norman (Interstate ‘76) and Scot Kramarich (Interstate ‘82). Yup, that’s a pretty big-name set of individuals there.

MotorGun itself goes for the Mad-Max tested post-apocalyptic setting and allows players to compete in team-based vehicular warfare, with plenty of car customisation and mental gun components. Three factions make up its inhabitants, and each faction has Light, Medium and Heavy-grade vehicles. These will be used to take part in three modes: Convoy (escort and protect resources), Salvage (disable enemies and steal their stuff) and a classic Capture the Flag scenario.

There’s already a bunch of stretch goals set out, which includes getting Unreal Tournament designer Lee Perry on board to design an arena. The current goal for the project sits at $650,000, which seems fairly modest for a project that promises to aim for “nothing less than a AAA game experience”.

If cars with oversized machine guns and flamethrowers strapped to the bonnet are your bag, you can back the project at the MotorGun Kickstarter page.