Mysteries on a plane: Consortium lands on January 8th

Consortium launches on January 8th

Consortium is out now; here’s our Consortium review.

Consortium is a bit loopy: a mystery set on a gigantic plane in the future populated by special-forces types with chess piece names, you are yourself in the body of someone who should know what’s going on. It’s very confusing. There’s a hint of Nomad Soul in the way the game acknowledges that you’re a player and you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Do you make your crewmates worry by asking silly questions, possibly getting sent to the shrink? Or maybe you’d rather pretend to be on top of things, bluffing your way through the enigmatic adventure. You’ll get to decide what you want to do on Wednesday, because that’s when Consortium comes out. Wednesday will be a good day, indeed. 

I have every intention of running around like cocky astronaut John Crichton, referencing every bit of ’90s pop culture that I can until I get mind probed and thrown in the brig.

Cheers, RPS.