N++ announced let the minimalist ninja-ing commence


N and it’s 2d. side-on, ninja platforming absorbed a year of school lunch breaks back when I was a wee one (or, at least, more of a wee one). So the news that Metanet are at work on one final N game, N++ warms the space where my heart would dwell if PCGamesN didn’t ask for it in lieu of a contract when I was hired.

Speaking at a panel at GDC, Metanet Software’s president Mare Sheppard said that since releasing N the company has struggled to make an impact, they “were clinging to the idea that N might be the only proof we had that we weren’t completely idiotic or utter failures.”

Sheppard then announced that N++ would be their final iteration of N and that the studio would then be able to move on from the series.

She didn’t reveal any further details about the game, nor when they planned to release it.

Cheers, Shacknews.