Natural Selection 2 development handed over to community

Natural Selection 2 Unknown Worlds Entertainment

“Today marks a very important day in Natural Selection 2 History,” write Wasabi and Obraxis, two members of the game’s community. “the day in which the game’s future has the potential to be a whole lot brighter, thanks to its own community.

“Dating way back to the original NS1, you guys have made selfless efforts to improve and enhance the Natural Selection experience as well as keeping the franchise alive for years after release. We are happy to announce that Unknown Worlds Entertainment has approved a team of experienced and passionate community members to help carry on the development of NS2 into a potential patch 266 (and hopefully, beyond!).”

With the team over at Unknown Worlds moving onto full-time development of Subnautica Natural Selection 2 stands to lose out. “However, because they love NS2 so much, they have entrusted their very valuable IP in the hands of the NS2 community, who will nurture and cherish it in order to continue to evolve NS2,” write Wasabi and Obraxis, who will lead the team of community developers. “We can hopefully start to incorporate the best the community has to offer, such as bug fixes and popular features…with many more ideas for the future!”

The community members that take part in the patching process won’t get paid for their efforts. Instead, Unknown Worlds something called Squad 5. “If you have helped out with a notable bug fix, made a nice mod that enhances core gameplay, or created a killer map, you could get a sweet Squad 5 badge in recognition.”

A big change to development, and a welcome one, is transparency. “We want to share with the community what we are working on. Not only that, but our Community Development Team will be accessible and active on the forums and social media. You’ll also likely run into them in live streams, podcasts, or even just in game!”

This could be a great move for Natural Selection, the alternative is that the game receives infrequent and irregular updates.

Cheers, RPS.