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Natural Selection 2 patch 244 makes game more balanced than a seesaw


The latest build for Natural Selection 2 resembles that point when you’re balancing a chair on a single leg on top of another chair, the point when only the gentlest touches can be applied, trying to find that sweet spot.* Unknown Worlds are making very tiny tweaks and changes to get their game to the freestanding chair state (this analogy is becoming unwieldy).

The patch also fixes a great many bugs, including game crashes and the all-important “Fixed bug where vortexed Exosuit can smash eggs.”

Lifted from Steam, here’s the full list of changes for your perusal:


  • Reduced extractor death and Spikes tracer effect intensity.

  • Distress beacon sound has no longer a distance restriction.


  • Added capturing of dump information from the TechSupport.exe tool if NS2.exe is running.

  • Clicking an already selected hot group will cause the view to jump to the units position.


  • Fixed “runtime error” that occurred sometimes on map change.

  • Fixed bug where AI units could push each other off of pathable ground.

  • Fixed a bug where the microphone is muted until you enter sound options menu.

  • Reload sounds stop playing when a player drops a weapon or dies.

  • Fixed medpacks being created under tech points.

  • Fixed Commander double clicks preventing single click actions from being performed.

  • Fixed bug where vortexed Marines / Exos take damage inside Gorge tunnels.

  • Fixed bug where distress beacon could teleport Marines back to an already destroyed Command Station.

  • Commanders are no longer able to see projectiles from units which are not sighted.

  • Fixed bug where vortexed Exosuit can smash eggs.

  • Fixed bug where Commanders select/deselect units unintentionally the moment they perform an action (cast enzyme, drop medpack)

  • Fixed rookie status drawn in red in the scoreboard.

  • Fixed bug where you could switch weapons during building.

  • The camera will no longer jitter while waiting to spawn at an Infantry Portal due to players running over the IP.

  • Fixed bug where dead players could trigger taunt voice over.

  • Fixed resource towers / command structures being slightly offset on the minimap.


  • Increased Infantry Portal cost to 20 (up from 15)

  • Reduced nano shield duration to 3 seconds (down from 8)

  • Increased nano shield effectiveness to 75% (up from 50%)

  • Increased arms lab upgrade costs to 20/30/40 (was 15/25/35)

  • Reduced gorge tunnel research cost to 10 (was 30)

  • Reduced gorge tunnel cost to 5 (was 10)

  • Increased gorge tunnel armor by 100


  • Added “fps” console command to toggle displaying the framerate on the top left of the screen.

  • Improved precision of marquee and Ctrl-Click selection.

  • Improved med/ammo pack drop precision.

  • Its now easier to give attack / defend orders on moving targets.

  • Changed the default player limit on the server if no parameter is specified to 16.

  • Steam Ids are now also displayed in the traditional format in the Server console (STEAM_0:1:XXXXXXX)

  • Changed the scoreboard font to match the other in-game fonts.

  • Added numbers in front of player names on scoreboard to facilitate communication.

  • Its now easier to hit with parasite (thanks Matso!)


  • Low-level shader optimizations.

  • Disabled compiler generated buffer security checks.

  • Effects inherit now the relevancy from their triggering entities.


  • Fixed bad texture scales when creating faces; texture scale behavior changed: larger scale values mean texture is stretched – should not affect existing maps;

  • Added “spawn_selection_override” entity to more directly control how initial spawns are selected.


  • Added Class_Reload(className, networkVars) for easier overriding classes.

  • Added loading of entry points for multiple mods (see lua/entry/readme.txt for more info)

  • Created simplified sound system that allows sound files to be played without using FMOD projects.

  • Client.PlayMusic now requires a the FEV project name as part of the cue name (e.g. “sound/NS2.fev/Main Menu” instead of “Main Menu”)

  • ClientUI.lua is now more moddable with exposed functions to add more UI scripts.

  • Removed support for TTF fonts (bitmap fonts should be used instead)


  • Moved Containment hive to a less snipeable position.

  • Adjusted cover in Containment in aliens’ favour.

  • Added vent from Containment to Containment/Chasm Entrance, and vent from Chasm to Chasm/Turbine entrance to provide more flanking opportunity in the area.

  • Added cover at exit of vent over the chasm in Chasm.

  • Adjusted Turbine cover to prevent sniping from Conduit entrance.

  • Added random spawns for both teams in Flow Control, Smelting, Turbine and Containment, with close spawning prohibited.


  • Rotated Deposit tech point around so it is no longer able to be arced from central drilling

  • Modified Repair tech point with better cover and fewer LOS issues

  • Modified Cave tech point with more cover for the hive, as well as made the middle path leading into crusher cystable for easier expansion to the resource node.

  • Modified Operations tech point for better cover also moved the resource node away from the wall so aliens can move behind it

  • Modified Sorting tech point for better cover, also added a stairway on the north side, to make cysting into north tunnels much simpler

  • Moved cavern resource node to be centered between the repair and cave tech points

  • Moved pilot drill resource node to be centered between repair and operations

  • Modified central drilling to have better cover for aliens, moved the southern resource node to the north, on the upper platform, also added a stairway on the southwest side for better accessibility to the gap

  • Modified and extended the vent leading from cave to north tunnels

  • Added a vent from Deposit to the Gap

  • Added more cover for aliens in Crusher

  • Modified the minimap to be easier to navigate in places that overlapped or were unclear


  • Temporarily disabled the music in Club due to a bug(should be fixed for the next patch)

*Something we can all relate too, right?