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Neptune’s Pride 2 to get 64-player mode for maximum Machiavellianism and misery


Let’s make this absolutely clear: if there’s any pride to be found in this game, it’s jealously guarded by the offscreen water god himself – with none left over for its humble players. For them, the only emotions left in the barrel are greed, shame, and a deep sense of mistrust for people they might once have considered close friends.

In a move Beelzebub has hailed as the greatest triumph for efficiency in evildoing since the building of the M1, Neptune’s Pride 2: Triton is soon to play host to no less than 64 mini-Machiavellis at once.

While no release date is forthcoming from developers Iron Helmet, the new 64-player mode is in testing ahead of public release. I’m sure they once said the same of Pandora’s Box.

Elsewhere, another of Neptune’s Pride 2’s new additions has the potential to make it less life-destroying, not more – a turn-based mode will see the clock wind forward 12 hours once everybody has made a move, rather than trickling onwards in real-time.

I don’t imagine the two modes are compatible though, unless you’re willing to set “top score at heat death of universe” as a win condition.

Have you taken the necessary month out of normal life to play Neptune’s Pride before? I hesitate to ask but, er, how did it go?

Thanks, PC Gamer.