Never LEGO of your dreams: Satellite Reign dev’s Ghostbusters set will reach retail

Satellite Reign

5 Lives Studios are the Brisbane-based outfit making a proper Syndicate remake in Satellite Reign, while Peter Molyneux pisses about with “alarmingly slim” clicky-clicky faux-management rubbish. They have a lead environmental artist named Brent Waller – the man behind the custom ‘Bob’ minifigure sculpted for the game’s highest-tier Kickstarter supporters.

Turns out he also designs LEGO sets on the CUUSOO site that saw a block-built Minecraft village pass official muster. And his Ghostbusters set is one of the seven to be approved in the site’s history.

LEGO’s CUUSOO scheme began in 2008. Since that time, only seven sets have been reviewed by the company’s Danish overlords and made into retail LEGO kits. Waller’s is to be among them: a perfectly-scaled, low-riding ECTO-1 car and accompanying team of ‘busters, built for the film’s 30th anniversary.

“I grew up with a love of LEGO, video games and movies like Ghostbusters, so it’s a dream come true to have my hand in designing an official LEGO set based on Ghostbusters,” said Waller.

CUUSOO submissions need 10,000 supporters before they’re considered in a LEGO company review – so like Satellite Reign, there’s real community feeling behind Waller’s kit.

This is one of my favourite things about the post-Kickstarter world: mass displays of enthusiasm for accomplished but fundamentally quite silly things. What do you make of Waller’s work?