Next Car Game damage trailer shows a car going through a mangle


Bugbear still don’t have an official name for their Next Car Game (which, when it finally is named is going to be a administrative kick in the head for us – going back and retagging every post on the racing title) but they are showing off its impressive damage model.

What better way of doing so than firing cars into a giant mangler?

For years damage in racing games was really disappointing. You’d get a little cosmetic damage, like a texture that showed scuffed paintwork. Now, this, this explosion of car parts and chassis shrapnel is an excellent step up on the past. It will make Next Car Game into a spectacle of a racing game.

Bugbear are still using their opaque crowdfunding platform. They’ve not announced any funding goals now revealed how much they’ve raised so pre-ordering at this point is throwing money into a pit while wearing a blindfold.

All we know is they’ve not yet had 10,000 people preorder the game.

If you want to pledge your support for the game you can do so here.