No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games flooded over Christmas

No Man's Sky Hello Games

Whatever bad Christmas present you had this year, it would have to be pretty terrible to contend with what Hello Games recieved: dirty river water sloshing all the way through their offices. 

The No Man’s Sky and Joe Danger creator lost almost everything as the banks of Guildford’s Lower River Wey burst on December 24th.

In a series of tweets on their Twitter feed, Hello Games explained the situation, but seemed to be remaining positive despite losing pretty much every possession. “We’ve lost most things – PCs, monitors, furniture, a door, a wall,” they said. “You’d think the massive water cooled mega PC would be ok? It was not :(“

“We’re taking stock today, but already I know we’ll come back stronger 🙂 – all we’ll need is a place to work and a machine to work on :)”

With an attitude like that, it looks like development on No Man’s Sky shouldn’t be too affected, despite losing all the machines that were being used to create it.

Down the road, the Guildford floods also crashed into the offices of Strike Suit Zero developer Born Ready Games. Thankfully the team were less affected than Hello Games, being able to save their PCs and most of their stuff before the flood consumed them. “It certainly seems our poor neighbours @hellogames were hit worse, and we’ll be doing our best to help them out,” the team said on Twitter.

Best of luck to both these teams!