Omega Jam is for those developers who have trouble climaxing

escape goat 2 omega jam

Don’t worry. You’re amongst friends here. Admit it, you… me… we have trouble climaxing. I’ve trouble climaxing in the bedroom so I tried climaxing in the kitchen. A friend told me that I might get lucky in a coffee shop but I couldn’t climax there either. Now I go to my local library to climax and, damn, is it satisfying to finally be able to knock out an article again.

I’m not alone. Wolfire Games have been trying to finish off Overgrowth for five years. That’s a long time to wait on a climax.

They, along with other developers struggling to put the finishing touch on their games, have got together to have a group session at Double Fine’s offices. And they’re going to broadcast the whole thing.

The Omega Jam is a 30 day push by six development teams to complete their games.

Cryptic SeaPresents a MONTH-LONG GAME JAM with the objective of FINISHING PROJECTS,” says the announcement poster. Starring SUB ROSA, withMagical Time Bean‘s’ ESCAPE GOAT 2,Interabang‘s SUPER COMBOMAN,Aylo‘s CODENAME GLIESE,Be-Rad‘s A SPIRE TO THE GODS,Misfits Attic‘s DUSKERS, andWolfire‘s OVERGROWTH. Screencast entirely on location atDOUBLE FINEin San Francisco.”

“Each developer has put their blood and passion into their projects and are eager to gain the momentum to finish,” continues the blurb. “In order to get the job done, they fused together like voltron to motivate one another to get their games out the door.

“The teams have collaborated with Doublefine to use their space as a creative nest to work on their independent projects, with one goal, finishing games.

“The developers will have one month, from January 21st to February 21st to reach a certain point in their projects. Each team will document their experience through video, streaming, written blogs and tweets.”

For those of you interested in game development, this is a unique opportunity to see six teams work for 30 days on their games, completely under the internet’s watchful eyes. You’ll see a developer code a feature, one that all around say won’t possibly work. They’ll code it just to show them. Yes, it will sink into the swamp. But they’ll code it a second time. That, too, will sink into the swamp. So they’ll code a third. That will burn down, fall over, and then sink into the swamp. But the fourth attempt will work. And you’ll be able to see the whole thing unfold before your eyes.

You can watch all the streams over on the Omega Jam site.