Perspective will chop up and reassemble your mind. Best of all it’s free


For those who like their brains battered and bruised by something more than puzzles Perspective is for you. It will mess with your understanding of the world, leaving you a crying heap on the floor. Best of all, you can try it now for free.

More on how, what, where, and why below. Also, a trailer.

So, the way it works is you control the little blue man who is able to move left & right and jump. He can only stand on blue and touching orange will kill him. Each level is about getting him from the start to the end point.Simple. Well at first, yes.

Not all levels offer a simple left, right, or jump route, though. No, that would be too simple. Instead you will have to shift yourperspective. The click of your left mouse button allows you to turn the camera around and view what was a 2D world in 3D space. You can start to line up bits of blue that were, in your previous perspective, on opposite sides of the room, but, by looking at it differently, now appear to form a straight platform.

It’s like if you stand at the top of the stairs and lean back until the cusp of each step is lined up, making your steps appear to be a ramp.

It’s avery canny game.

The whole thing’s been released for free too. So there is no reason not too download and install itright now.

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