Planetary Annihilation beta begins 26 September


Those of you that are eagerly awaiting the chance to smash planets together need only wait a few weeks longer (so long as you have beta access to Planetary Annihilation. If you’re building a rocket powerful enough to move Earth into a collision course with Mars then you’ll have wait as long your schedule dictates). Uber Entertainment announced last night that the beta will be launching on 26 September.

The beta brings with it a great many features lacking from the alpha. This includes interplanetary warfare and planet smashing. There will also be a whole host of improvements to performance and the game’s art.

The beta release will also mark a price drop in the game. When Planetary Annihilation launched its alpha Uber decided to release the game through Steam Early Access. So as not to anger their early supporters the team sold the game at the same price as the Kickstarter pledge tier, $90. The pledge tier that granted beta access was $40 so we should be seeing the Steam price drop to that level shortly after 26 September, too.