Planetary Annihilation footage shows base building but no planets being annihilated


Despite closing its Kickstarter six months ago, till now we’ve not seen any footage of solar system-spanning RTS Planetary Annihilation outside of its pre-rendered pitch video.

Yesterday, developer Uber Entertainment broke televisual darkness and broadcast 15 minutes of the game in action through their Youtube channel. The footage shows off pre-alpha art assets and base building. They also announce the release window for the game’s alpha phase, something many of Planetary Annihilation’s backers will have access to.

Clearly the game is still a long way from completion but you can see the similarities to, both, the original concept video and its spiritual siblings, the Supreme Commander games and Total Annihilation.

The sheer scale of Planetary Annihilation comes across well in the footage, mainly through the zoom but the way the camera picks up the curvature of the planet (while at first a little off-putting) emphasises that we’ll be dealing with whole planets, not mere regions like in those other, comparatively puny strategy games.

The alpha period for the game will be launching at the end of May and Uber Entertainment will be sending out codes to highest backers first, then, once they’ve cleared through all Planetary’s backers, they’ll start sending codes to pre-orderers. That’s right, you can pre-order now, too.