Planetary Annihilation galactic war stretch goal adds singleplayer


Planetary Annihilation’s Kickstarter has given us a fresh taste for massed robot armies decimating each other on a inter-planetary scale but its new stretch goal kicks over the tantalising table and replaces it with a banquet of galactic domination -if we can just reach it.

Yup, Planetary Annihilation, spiritual successor to Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, isn’t content with having you fight over a solar system and smash planets together in your quest to the top of the generals’ food chain. If they can raise $1,800,000 in Kickstarter pledges they will add a randomly generating galaxy map, an infinitely variable campaign, allowing you to conquer scores of planets and subsystems instead of just the one.

The addition of a galactic campaign would push the game into almost 4x scale, pitting it against game like Sins of a Solar Empire.
The other massive plus is that the campaign can be played solo. The game is being built with a primarily multiplayer focus but, because this style of randomly generated campaign doesn’t require mission scripting, it will be a fine fit for singleplayer.

Planetary’s campaign is currently at $1,500,000 with four days to go till completion. The other stretch goals unlocked so far include: naval units & water planets, gas giants & orbital units, and metal & lava planets.

Head on over to the game’s Kickstarter page if you fancy donating.