Planetary Annihilation targeting beta release this month


Uber Entertainment has been chiseling away at Planetary Annihilation, carving in all the details as the elaborate celestial body destruction strategy develops through the alpha stage. Uber has done so much this summer that it’s almost time to stop calling Planetary Annihilation an alpha. The days of beta will soon be upon us. 

Talking in an update on the Kickstarter page, Uber said: “‘Beta’ is the word of the month over here, as the team marches towards that release. You poke your head in the office for just a few minutes and undoubtedly you’ll hear it a couple times. We eat, sleep, and think beta — which, by the way, is safer than it sounds.

Our current timeline is to see the beta released later this month. And as we’ve mentioned before, the beta has some cool mechanics and concepts that you haven’t experienced in the alpha. Like, say, interplanetary war. And colonization. And blowing up planets. So much stuff.”

If you’ve backed the project on Kickstarter or have payed the astronomical asking-price for early access, you have mere weeks left until a whole new set of possibilities are available to you. For all others, provided Planetary Annihilation stays on schedule you may be able to pick up the finished game in December.

Thanks, PC Gamer.