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Pong played on walls of Philadelphia’s Cira Centre; 83,000-square-foot game


Friday saw the North-facing wall of Philadelphia’s Cira Centre transformed into the world’s largest game of Pong. As part of this year’s annual Philly Tech Week, Dr. Frank Lee, an associate professor in Drexel’s Westphal College of Media Arts and Design, orchestrated the event, taking advantage of the LED lighting panels that already covered the 83,000-square-foot wall.

“This is something I’ve been envisioning for quite a while,” Lee told Drexel.edu. “Not only is this something that’s just fun for anyone who’s ever played a video game, but it’s also a uniquely interactive art installation. One of the main goals of this event is to inspire wonder and creativity in anyone who sees it, especially kids.”

Due to the constraints of the LED panels, there are only 20 x 23 panels spanning the building, Lee was forced to look at games that could be interpreted with limited pixel counts. This led him to look into the classic arcade games such as Snake, Tetris, and, of course, Pong

There’ll be one more play session as part of Philly Tech Week on 24 April. If you have the opportunity to get there it should be memorable