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Prison Architect alpha 5 adds fire trucks and lets you say no to the convicts

Prison Architect has broken free onto Early Access; here's our Prison Architect review.

Prison Architect's alpha is coming along nicely, the latest update lets you say no to prisoners -  a vital part of prison management. Yup, you can now designate exclusion zones where your convicts aren't allowed to go unless they want to feel the warm embrace of a guard's nightstick.

Introversion have also added fire trucks. Meaning that if a fire does start you can actually stop it this time.

More on this all below.

Hear the Introversion guys talk about the new update in this new video:

Here's the full changelist brought with the update:

  • Staff Only sectors You can now create Staff Only Sectors from the Deployment screen. They will show up Red. Inmates will avoid these completely (unless misbehaving) 
  • You can now call in Firemen to put out your prison fires. Use the new 911 Emergencies menu. Firemen are a special controllable unit with its own icons on the right of the screen. Firemen will automatically spray nearby fire, or you can press H to aim their hoses manually. To dismiss firemen, send them all back to their fire engine.
  • The Foundations tool has been much improved. It is now much easier to expand existing buildings, and the door/entrance detection is much better at spotting valid entrances to new buildings. 
  • You can now cancel foundations by right clicking on them, or right-click-dragging a box around them. 
  • All construction tools now continue to work correctly even when the game is paused - There is a new tool in the Materials menu for demolishing walls (indoor and outdoor) 
  • Localisation improvements: All object/material/room/equipment/research names are now included in the language file (english.txt) Lots of other hardcoded english has been moved into the language file for easy translation 
  • You will no longer lose visibility of your indoor areas until your first Prisoners arrive 
  • Main build toolbar tweeked to scale/layout better on higher resolutions - The Medical Ward has been renamed to the Infirmary 
  • Fixed: You sometimes had to wait a very long time for prisoners to arrive when Continuous Intake was disabled 
  • Fixed: Firing someone who occupies an office now vacates the office
  • Fixed: If an Administrator dies his office will now be released
  • Fixed: When a prisoner dies or escapes, his cell will now be released for re-use 
  • Fixed a massive performance bug affecting the Intel HD graphics 4000 chipset

You can find out more about the game and get in on the alpha over here.

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