Prison Architect is the star of the Humble Weekly Sale


Prison Architect may be a whole £19.99 on Steam Early Access right now, but you can get it for a bargain £16.11 in this week’s Introversion Software-themed Humble Weekly Sale.

Prison Architect may be the star everyone is talking about, but there’s far more to this bundle than what dazzles in the spotlight now. The four other games available are all equally brilliant: Uplink, Darwinia, Multiwinia, and Defcon. They’re some of the finest titles to emerge from the indie PC scene this decade. Defcon even made it onto our list of 15 strategy games you really should play.

$24.99 is the asking price in Humble’s native coin for Prison Architect, but the other four games are yours for any price you name. As ever, your money can be distributed between charities Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play and the developer. Fancy the bundle? Best head over to The Humble Weekly Sale site withinthe next six days.