Project Eternity’s strongholds detailed. Take named NPCs prisoner and tax peasants


One of the numerous stretch goals reached during Obsidian’s Project Eternity kickstarter was the ability for players to own a stronghold. This dilapidated old mansion would provide an income through taxing the local peasants but it would have a lot of other functionality besides. Till now it’s been largely in the planning phases.

Tim Cain has broken cover to explain just how it will work and how you’ll be able to bend your enemies to your will in your dungeon.

There are five passive benefits which the stronghold bestows on you. If you rest there then you’re given a bonus buff to your stats. Feather beds and four posters will do that for you. The companions which you don’t have with you in your party can go off on their own adventures – getting experience and hold for you in the process. If upgraded properly, its gardens and store rooms will provide you with rare ingredients. Travelling sales folk will provide you with special offers on unique items. And, of course, you’ll get cash from your taxes.

By upgrading your stronghold, repairing damages, and expanding its facilities you can increase all these passive bonuses. Bigger buffs, more cash, rarer items, blah blah blah. It’s the more active things you can do that makes the stronghold interesting. You can capture certain boss NPCs after defeating them. Jam these folk in your prison and you can chat to them and use them as leverage later in the game. They can escape though, so guards are a necessity.

Your stronghold can also be visited by strangers who bestow positive or negative effects on you. A baudy duke might raise your prestige but drain your coffers on lavish parties, for instance. It’s up to you whether you want them to stay or go.

It’s not all positives. Your stronghold can be attacked and your upgrades can be destroyed. You’re warned of the attack and can return to help defend your keep.

You can read the full details here.