Punch terrorism right in the genitals: Broforce explodes all over Steam Early Access

Broforce Early Access

Bros and brodettes, America needs you. Villains are threatening the best way of life, and only an extreme paramilitary group can stop them, so it’s a good thing that Broforce has just hit Steam Early Access

The brodacious 2D shooter is available for £11.99/$14.99 through Steam and the Humble Store, with new missions, modes and explosive battlegrounds being added all the way up until launch. 

Although it’s in Early Access, there’s still a lot to play around with and blow up. Dozens of bros (and one brodette) come with their own unique weapons and special attacks, there’s bro-op and deathmatch multiplayer battles, explosive time attack missions and completely destructible environments.

There’s a level editor to boot, so you can craft your own soon-to-be-blown-up maps filled with traps, explosive barrels and gun-toting enemies, and then share it with other people who like maps and playing with tiny bros in said maps.

Future features include more bros, new missions, tweaks and polish and – most importantly – Explosions 3.0. “What is Broforce without better explosions? Ongoing revisions and additions to the explosions are tantamount to fulfilling Broforce’s destiny”.

Broforce is expect to launch this year, in late summer.