Raindrop is Stalker, Dear Esther, and despair rolled into one


With Stalker 2 now a distant pipe dream we need to look elsewhere for our toxic environment survival fix. Wasteland 2 will cater to the folk that like it in an RPG flavour but what about the first-person gamers out there?

Raindrop should fill that need. It’ll even let you hunt down a friend for good measure.

Raindrop’s developers have been working on the game for five years now, originally as a Half Life 2 mod but more recently they moved the whole project over to Unity. They’re now looking for further funds through Kickstarter to make the project their full-time gig.

Their initial goal is to raise $144,000. That will get the game’s first chapter developed. They then hope game sales will fund further development. That is, unless they hit some of their stretch goals.

At $250,000 they will integrate the game with Oculus Rift support. $300,000 lets you and a friend play through the game’s story in co-op. Those both sound neat but it’s $440,000 which takes the biscuit: faction and squad based multiplayer survival mode. You all play on a huge map and are free to hunt each other down.

The developers are promising a great deal in their pitch – dynamic weather, weapon crafting, complex physics, driveable and customisable vehicles – but the video suggests they’re more than capable enough to deliver on at least some of these promises. The funds they’re looking to raise cover the expenses of contractors to manage the tasks the current two-man team can’t do themselves.

If you want to read more about Raindrop, head on over here.