Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm gameplay footage brings the tropical sunshine lacking in Heroes of Stalingrad


Recent footage from PAX shows off almost ten minutes of the upcoming standalone expansions to Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, Rising Storm. This time moving the game to the Japanese front there’s a lot more sun, sand, and suicide tactics.

Check it out for yourself below.

If you weren’t familiar with Red Orchestra, watched that footage, andstill don’t know what it’s all about, Rising Storm is a standaloneexpansionto the multiplayer FPS Red Orchestra. Where other FPSs have moved to a more forgiving and fast-paced style of multiplayer shootery, Red Orchestra made its guns hurt lots, your kills weren’t rewarded with kill streak bonuses, only the mutual respect of battle-hardened players, and death, well death was a frequent and painful companion.

Rising Storm seems to have captured something of the Pacific conflict’s perpetual danger: grenade booby traps, suicide charges, and hidden bunkers, all look to make each step on the map one fraught with danger. If all comes together, thecoveted’Harder than Gobstopper’ trophy may have already been secured.

Release date? No word yet.