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Redshirt is a Star Trek-inspired social sim, avoid certain death by liking your boss’ status


Out on the final frontier there’s a few things that’ll be certain: it’ll be damn cold, if you’re wearing a red uniform you’re certainly going to die, and anything that can be considered more than ‘mildly mundane’ will be shared via social networks.

Wesley Crusher: OMG just saw a rock bump off the side of the ship thought we was gonna die LOLZ 
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Redshirt is a game that lets you live in this world. 

The sci-fi social game is developed by Tiniest Shark; a one-woman developer who’s bringing social media narcissism to the far-flung future. Starting as a low-life nobody, players will have to increase their redshirt’s self-worth by pandering to their social betters on ‘Spacebook’, their space station’s premier social networking site. Attending parties, liking statuses posted by the right people and flirting with those higher up the pay-scale than you will lead to success, happiness, and not dying.

Redshirt is coming out sometime later this year. You can follow developer Mitu Khandaker’s progress on the game’s official website.