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Renegade X resurrects Command & Conquer’s awful FPS

Renegade X

If you can take a moment to remember the glory days of Command & Conquer, back when the word ‘Westwood’ was emblazoned on it’s box in green writing, you’ll probably remember with horror the day Renegade was announced. C&C, but as an FPS. “It’ll never work!” everyone cried. Everyone was right. Renegade was tosh. 

Apparently this upset some people. These some people have been working to resurrect Renegade. Starting life in 2007 as an Unreal Tournament 3 mod, the game is now an indie stand alone project that’s closing in on completion. It’s also a game that doesn’t look at all awful. Apparently you can make a Command & Conquer game these days that’s not utter guff. 

February 26th (the 12th anniversary of C&C Renegade) is when you can expect Renegade X to land, enabling you to join the GDI or Nod on the tiberium-infested fields of battle. Multiplayer battles include the series’ staple of base building, with each structure in your team’s base permitting the use of new weapons and vehicles. Lose one to the enemy, and you’re cut off from that precious tech. Destroy their base, and they lose their machines too. Hey, this doesn’t sound half bad…

If you feel the need to jump back into the Tiberium universe right now, you could opt for classic RTS games from the 90s, or you could download Black Dawn, which demos some of the features of Renegade X in a mini singleplayer campaign. Just don’t play any Command & Conquer games with the number 3 or above on the case.

Thanks, PC Gamer.