Reset footage shows robots solving puzzles in the rain

Reset Theory Interactive

Time travel and robots. I’m sold.

You want more details? We’ve finally got some footage of puzzle game Reset which sees you solving puzzles by interacting with your past self from a future where everything’s gone to pot. It’s a little like Braid, a little like Terminator, and it’s all very pretty.

The present’s gone wrong, leading to a future where the world’s cities are overgrown with ivy and other bits of greenery. The only way to save the world from being turned into one big garden is to stop “the event” from ever happening. To do that you need to command your past self from the future. Not only that, you need to command multiple past selves to have them work together and solve puzzles.

We see in the footage how one past self pushes a hover car for another past self to use as a platform. It might all get a little confusing. You should probably drink a calming glass of milk.

This is the first of Reset we’ve seen in a while. It’s certainly the first footage we’ve seen of the game. Though this very pretty trailer was released last year:

According to the developers, a crowdfunding campaign is incoming, too.