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Reus developer Abbey Games announces Renowned Explorers: International Society

Renowned Explorers announced

Reus developer Abbey Games announced it’s next project today: Renowned Explorers: International Society, a game of traveling the world in search of unexplored places, treasure and fame. 

I absolutely adored Reus, though Jules wasn’t nearly as impressed, and it sounds like Renowned Explorers is going to tick all the right boxes for me, at least on paper. A mix of exploration and turn-based combat, Abbey Games has been inspired by Jules Verne, Indiana Jones, X-COM: Enemy Unknown, and Fire Emblem.

“Its main theme is the exploration of unknown lands in the 19th century,” says the developer. “As a member of the Renowned Explorers you are challenged to find the most legendary treasure the world has to offer, and to be back in time before the World Expo starts.”

Discovering the location of a treasure is only half the challenge, however. Actually getting your hands on it and dragging it back to a museum won’t be easy. “As a Captain you will lead your crew members to explore newfound land with the help of any resources that you may find on the island. Any foes that the exotic place has to offer can be met with either ruthless combat, pleasant conversation or an interesting mix of the two.”

Over the next few days Abbey Games will be drip feeding us more details about Renowned Explorers, specifically about how you travel across the globe and what is in store for you when you arrive in new lands.