Reus video shows how plump chickens are the basis for a strong city


Reus is out now; here’s our Reus review.

Reus, the increasingly impressive looking god game that sees you trying to create an equilibrium between preserving nature and fostering civilizations that are hungry to expand, will see you plumping up chickens to grow mankind’s settlements.

The latest developer diary goes into how you can manipulate ecosystems to encourage growth and how easy it is for animals to interact in a way you may not be expecting, nor wanting.

Developer Abbey Games shows how your gods are able to summon animals into existence, animals that can be hunted and eaten by the townsfolk, and also how, to bolster the food stocks, you can have your gods place plants for the herd to snack on.

It’s a simple system, matching animals to the foods they like, and watching their numbers grow, but complexity is introduced by the imbalance created by bolstering the population of one ecosystem: if you buff out the number of chickens then you’re not just creating more food for the villagers but also for any animals that eat chickens, too. So expect more foxes. And, with more foxes comes fewer chickens and less food for the settlement and, who knows (it’s not mentioned in the video), more fox-on-citizen violence?

And, because I refuse to write about Reus without posting the short film that inspired it all, here’s the obligatory embed of Amongst Giants:

We still have no firm release date on Reus as the game is very much still in active development but we’ll keep you updated as we hear more.

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