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Ride of the Valkitty depicts every puss’ problem in finding a warm bed


We all just want a warm place to sleep at night (unless you’re stuck in the humid UK summer where simply walking into a room with its windows closed leaves you awash with sweat). That desire’s not limited to humankind, mind.

Pixoshiru’s flash game Ride of the Valkitty shows the length a cat will go to just to exploit its owner’s body heat.

Your task is simple, make it to your human’s chest, the part of their body that’s warmest and most pleasant for catkind. It’s not as simple as simply walking up the man mountain and bedding down above their breast. Your human will try to fight you back, you must press against their defences without taking the assault too far and ending up on their face.

Make your assault now.

Cheers, Cassandra.