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Rudo Resurrection - a side scrolling beat ’em up featuring real world wrestlers

Rudo Resurrection

Here’s something that looks fun. Newly formed studio Rotary Games has partnered with real-world wrestling organisation CHIKARA to make a 2.5D side scrolling beat ‘em up. It’ll feature the lucha wrestlers as the cast in the 80’s retro comic throwback. The game is currently on Kickstarter (and Steam Greenlight), where it’s asking for $50,000 to fund the games development.

Rotary Games comprises of only six developers, but all of which make up over 50 years of experience from titles such as Infinite Crisis, Lord of the Rings Online and SimCity Societies. They’ve partnered up with CHIKARA: a lucha wrestling organisation complete with a story, heroes and villains.

The game, Rudo Resurrection, will bring their live wrestling show to your game library as a 2.5D comic inspired beat ‘em up, set within the CHIKARA universe, but only if they get funded on Kickstarter.

With 15 days to go and only $10,000 of their $50,000 goal funded, they need a little bit of help. Why not pitch in?