Samorost 3 teaser makes the wait till 2015 even harder to bear

Samorost 3 Amanita Designs

Samorost 3’s not due out till 2015. I get that out the way early because your hopes will become built up after you see the teaser below and hear the clarinet solo performed by Tomáš Dvořák. You may think you can couldn’t be swung by a small man dressed up in a mad little getup playing what looks like a vuvuzela sitting under a bulging onion tree but I was like you once and now, now I’m a broken man clutching for a beautifully painted puzzle game.

See? See how all of 2014 is going to be spent say in anticipation of Samorost 3? I’m going to have to go and play through Machinarium, Samorost, and Botanicula again just to get my Amanita Design’s fix.

You can still play Samorost for free. The others can be bought on Steam or through Amanita’s site. If you’ve not got copies already then go buy them and spend your Sunday up to your eyes in wonderfully drawn puzzle games.

Samorost 3 will be set across three different planets, each with a different score composed by Dvořák. “I dare say it’s really beautiful. I’m excited about it,” he told Igloo Mag in an interview. “Originally the intention was to work in a traditional way, by writing the score for a small ensemble. Then we’d develop the music electronically. But by doing this we found out that it didn’t work for the atmosphere of the game. Now, I’m producing the music in a more experimental style. The good thing about this project is that there are separate parts in the game — the different planets. So, I can approach different planets with different concepts.”

Also, you should definitely listen to Dvořák’s SoundCloud: