Serious Sam 3 is now on Steam Workshop, features Pet Scrapjack

Serious Sam 3

Serious Sam types Croteam have long emulated their ‘90s FPS heroes, in a teenage posters-on-the-ceiling kinda way. But now Serious Sam has become the first single player FPS to hit the Steam Workshop and, fingers crossed, they’ll be able to inspire the next generation of gibheads to mod their way into development.

There are no Red Orchestras on the Workshop just yet, but there’s a page-full of compelling nonsense to be getting on with. Pictured above is a palm-sized Scrapjack, utilised in place of the conventional rocket launcher. And RPS have rightfully jumped on Sir Buttersworth, for reasons apparent with a single glance.

Croteam have released an in-depth guide to creating your own madness in Serious Editor and releasing it via Steam Workshop. Will you be having a tinker?

And because it bears repeating: Here’s Red Orchestra’s Alan Wilson on mod tools and why they should exist.