Shadowrun Returns won’t be returning until the end of next month

Shadowrun Returns DLC postponed again

Well, that’s rained on my planned “More Shadowrun” parade where I dress up in uncomfortable leather, don a gas mask and scare people on the streets with a magical katana. The first expansion, Dragonfall, was put off until this month and has now been put off again until February 27th. 

The first campaign was a little short and didn’t offer the sort of character development I had hoped for, but it did manage to pull me into the dreary neo-noir, punky, magical world of Shadowrun after many years away, and it had some truly excellent writing holding it all together. So, yes, I’m a wee bit sad about having to wait for my second dose. 

The New Berlin adventure promises to be a lot more open than the mostly linear journey through wet, dirty Seattle. A stable anarchic city state sort of begs for a bit less linearity, doesn’t it? I mean, what’s anarchic about being pulled by the nose from A to B?

It’s a shame that the cast of the first campaign won’t be returning, though. Out with the old and all that guff. I’d become rather fond of my gruff, bald elf, but I would rather like to explore the other archetypes a bit more. Some sort of shamanistic robot-controlling mastermind might be a hoot.

Cheers, RPS.