Shovel Knight trailer breaks new ground for 8-bit platforming

Shovel Knight Yacht Club Games

If you like your platforming to have just 8 bits and full of silliness then it looks like Shovel Knight is for you. It apes the style of the old NES era platformers but equips your knight with a shovel, a piece of kit I’d foolishly never considered to be multi-purpose.

See it at work in the new trailer.

Yacht Club Games smashed their $75,000 target when they pitched Shovel Knight to the Kickstarter community, raising more than $300,000. They unlocked every single stretch goal they announced.

The new trailer shows that that money was well pledged:

You use your shovel to smack enemies, dig through earth, roll giant boulders and more. I’ve only ever used a shovel to pry open treasure chests, myself, so it looks like I’ll need to appraise how I use it future. I’ve a blocked shower it might be able to loosen.

Shovel Knight is due out this Winter.

Cheers, IndieGames.