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Sick ride: Road Redemption team demonstrate motorbike VR powered by Oculus Rift

The developers behind Kickstarter project Road Redemption have been tinkering with the immersion drive, AKA the Oculus Rift, to try and make riding virtual motorbikes whilst smashing in skulls as exhilarating as possible. The motorbike combat racer will support the VR goggles if the Kickstarter hits its stretch goal.

Oculus Rift support will be integrated into the release version of Road Redemption if Dark Seas Games manages to reach its $197,000 stretch goal.  At the moment they’ve raised over $98,000, and with only nine days left to go, hitting that target may be a struggle. If the money doesn't come in, support for Oculus Rift will come later in a post-launch patch. 

The Dark Seas Games project is a spiritual successor to Road Rash that we’ve had our eye on for a few weeks now. The developers are unrelated to the team that worked on the original games back in the 90s, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping them from using the core ideas of the Rash titles for their project. 

Interestingly Road Rash’s original creator, Dan Geisler, recently explained on Reddit that he would be happy to create a sequel to his games using a Kickstarter funding campaign, so long as the interest was there. Is there a legal battle around the corner for who gets to make the Road Rash successor?

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VinsanityV22 avatar
VinsanityV22 Avatar
4 Years ago

This doesn't appear to be barf-inducing, but whoever's playing should really keep his eyes on the road. For one thing; the game doesn't look so hot, so stop looking at the sky and the buttes and stuff. Secondly, and way more importantly, WATCH OUT FOR CARS!


Definitely could be cool though. But this Kickstarter needs a boost if it's gonna close successfully in 8 Days...