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Sir, You Are being Hunted can now track your face

Sir You Are Being Hunted Big Robot

Sir, You Are Being Hunted has been flushed out of hiding; you can read our Sir, You Are Being Hunted review.

TrackIR is a fancy technology that scans your head movements using a webcam and then translates them into the game. Turn your head left and you turn left in the game. It exaggerates the movements so that you aren’t looking away from the screen when you turn to the left (that would be silly). TrackIR’s now available in Sir, You Are Being Hunted.


You can now glance left and right while holding a gun up to your eye, look both ways when you’re crossing a road, and fearfully look about you when you think the newly added Rider might be on your tail.

You can see TrackIR working in this video:

The update was a little late in coming out and ““mostly the delay is due to a massive overhaul of the animation system,” write Big Robot. “The fruits of this are quite subtle, but you will notice it in terms of less jerky transitions between certain animation states, or a subtle slowing-to-stop of the bots. The system is now far more reliable and robust for pathing. It also needed to be done to implement the new NPC, The Rider.”

The Rider is a hunstman-like NPC. Sitting astride a wee hover horse he will skate over fields and bracken to chase you down the moment you fall into sight.

Big Robot have brought a lot of other updates and fixes with this release. You can read about them in the change log:

* NEW -Enemy type: The Rider.

* NEW – Support for independent head movement with TrackIR. (PLEASE NOTE: 32-bit ONLY)

* NEW – Group-based volume system. You can now set volumes for various things separately (Turn down robot beep-boops, hush Mr. Walters, your butler etc etc).

* Controller Enable/Disable toggle. Off by default. Should also prevent false inputs causing incorrect movement.

* Complete reworking of the animation systems for all bots. Results in smoother transitions between states and smoother, more reliable movements between pathing nodes.

* NEW – Added ability to clear markers from the map. Mouseover a marker to reveal delete option.

* Leaning distance increased.

* Revised release schedule for NPCs. Different types of NPC will now be released based on number of pieces returned OR time spent in world. Whichever comes first…

* Reduced required number of fragments for escape to 17 (note: this will be configurable in t he final game!).

* Ravens have become acclimatised to Robot footsteps. No more Raven/Robots pooked/investigate-loop love-ins at village centres…

* Dynamite 100% stickier. Less likely to skid along the ground for ages, easier to hit what you threw it at.

* Dynamite explosion radius increased.

* Moved FOV slider to Game Options. Now works realtime (can see changes without having to exit menu).

* Reduced the chance to bleed.

* Tweaked some combat variables for Hunters because a bugfix (see reloading issue below) resulted in changed behaviour in combat. Feedback on new combat feel with Hunters welcomed.

* Various loot distribution tweaks.


Fixed an issue where poacher could get stuck in Idle.

Fixed an issue where squires could get stuck on the spot.

Fixed incorrect angle of shotgun on Hunters.

Fixed issue where using the Sex Toggle could break your profession button…

Fixed issue where robot blather loops could be turned off permanently (would lead to stealth-bots!)

Fixed several cases where bots guarding the doors on some buildings could get stuck.

Fixed an issue where the dog pinning sequence could flicker wildly.

Fixed issue where the mouse could become frozen on the death screen.

Fixed issue where using an item while dying could freeze the game and also ruin that save.

Fixed an issue where death while menu open could break the fall-to-ground.

Fixed an issue with bot barks between glimpse-state and Attack playing at the incorrect times.

Fixed an issue where the Axe could get stuck at weird angles when swapping equipment.

Fixed a serious issue with bot reloading logic. Robots could sometimes have more (or less) rounds that they should, resulted in either extra shots (surprise!) or no shots at all (in inter-bot combat this could even result in endless posturing without a single shot being fired).