Sir, You Are Being Hunted goes all industrial with latest update

The unavoidably British Sir, You Are Being Hunted would make a great candidate for the tax breaks.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted has been flushed out of hiding; here’s our Sir, You Are Being Hunted review.

Big Robot’s survival game is coming along hugely with each passing update. The last added tons of new objects to the game and added functionality to a lot that were already in there. This latest release adds a whole new biome and two new enemies. There are also fixes, balances, and other tweaks, too.

The Industrial biome goes alongside the rustic village, fens, and mountain biomes already offered in the game. Centred around a canal, the challenge presented by this biome will be the lack of natural cover. Instead, with more buildings than the other biomes, you’ll be working your way through red brick streets, dodging marauding robotic gentry. The smog should provide a little cover but it will also hinder your own vision.

Big Robot have remained deliberately coy about how the Scarecrow and Bog Creature will attack you but I’d guess the bog creature will harass you if you stray too near a shoreline.

It’s a minor change but my favourite change from the below list is the ability to shoot out the hot air balloon’s spotlight. I tried to down the airship a number of times in the past and it was frustrating that you couldn’t score any kind of hit on the machine.

Unfortunately, this udpdate will break any saves you had going.

Here are the rest of the changes:


  • NEW – Balloon spotlight can now be shot out. Repairs after X time.

  • NEW – Industrial Biome

  • NEW – Scarecrow enemy type

  • NEW – Bog Creature enemy type

  • Inventory/Loot window positions reversed.

  • Scanner Range increased

  • Loot tables reworked

  • NEW – Loot items now have additional tooltip info. Items now colour-coded for quick reference.

  • Deployable/Throwable items no longer appended with nonsensical “with x rounds” tooltip.

  • Fires should now drop to terrain surface rather than appear buried or hovering…


  • Fixed binding issue with keys and drop down menus.

  • The “Use” key can now close the boat menu as well as open it…

  • NPC’s now investigate ‘continuous’ sound sources (train, alarm clock, fires, squeaky signs) without freaking out when they get there…

  • Squire should no longer be found flying next to big tree in village centres.

  • Fixed issue with aiming accuracies not applying properly when zoomed.

  • Fixed an issue where bots could spawn in very close to your starting position and insta-murder you.