Son of Nor has you shape the earth with telekenisis and kill foes with mind bullets

Son of Nor

Son of Nor may sound like a name that’s just been pulled straight from the RPG-generica hat, and when you learn that the evil race that threatens humankind are a lizard people uninspiringly called the Sarahul you’d be forgiven for running to the hills, but strip away the lore and this is a game that has you tear apart and re-shape the world in one of the most compelling versions of telekinesis I’ve seen in a game.

Usually when we play games with telekinesis you can force push and pull, maybe even do a Vader-style throat crush, but I can’t think of any where you can freely rip the walls apart, raise sand walls and blast them apart with your mind.

See it at work in their pitch video (yup, Son of Nor is a Kickstarter):

Pretty impressive, eh?

The game’s looking a little rough around the edges but, according to developer Still Alive Studios, it’s only 25% of the way towards completion. So far the studio have spent their first year of development getting the technology into a playable state, and making an engine capable of supporting four players leaping about, casting spells, and thwacking one another with burning boulders.

Still Alive are looking to raise $150,000 to complete development and they’ve 30 days to do it in. Frankly, I couldn’t really care about the game’s story, it doesn’t seem like a priority, more like a backdrop for the real run, playing with the world.

Should Son of Nor hit its goal, Still Alive would be aiming to release in 2014.

Read more about Son of Nor or, indeed, pledge over on their Kickstarter page.