Space Hulk bulks up with free single player campaign for Windows and Mac


We’ve savaged Full Control’s Space Hulk adaptation on two occasions. Newcomers Tim and Jules couldn’t quite fathom why you wouldn’t play XCOM or Leviathan: Warships instead, and Rob realised that rolling the dice isn’t quite the same when a machine does it for you. But perhaps a new campaign will allow this slavish digital board game to break free of its chains. And pertinently, it won’t cost you anything extra to find out.

Messenger of Purgatory is a short, three mission affair with a sombre objective: the retrieval of the remains of the fallen Captain Atarius – a man whose proper burial is evidently worth more to the Empire than the lives of his colleagues.

“We wanted to give the community a big ‘thank you’ for the wonderful support they have shown, through the first stage of launch, and we think that fans will really love the Messenger of Purgatory campaign,” said Full Control CEO Thomas Hentschel Lund. “This game update addresses many of the fan requests and suggestions that continue to hone and refine the experience of Space Hulk.”

Some of those suggestions were bug fixes and feature complaints, which Full Control have worked to address. Chief among them is the option to speed up the walk animations of the notoriously ploddish Terminators (although the genestealers are fast enough as they are, thank you very much). Beyond that, a minor graphical overhaul and notable increase in performance do their bit to justify another boot-up. Find the full changelog on Steam.

What’ve you made of your own encounters with those monsters and their murderous taste for denim?